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120 Series :: Jacketed Quartz Bulbs

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Jacketed lamps have an additional free-moving glass sleeve to protect the inner sleeve from any outside contact that can cause heat spots and reduce the life span. In addition the jacket stops inner glass (if shattered) from falling into food.

  • Greatly increases safety at food outlets
  • Minimises chance of glass falling into food
Product Code Description
IRL100JV Jacketed quartz bulb 100W, low pressure
IRL200JV Jacketed quartz bulb 200W, low pressure
IRL300JV Jacketed quartz bulb 300W, low pressure
IRL500JV Jacketed quartz bulb 500W, low pressure

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SKU quartz-infrared-lamps-300w-jacketed-bulb-IRL-JV


IRL100JV, IRL200JV, IRL300JV, IRL500JV :: Jacketed Quartz Bulbs

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