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Night & Day Latch

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Night & Day Latch
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  • Slam action latch with positive locking facility
  • Door can be opened or closed without turning the handle
  • Visual indication when locked/unlocked
  • Can be linked to a multiple locking system
  • Robust composite construction
  • Black outer handle
  • Green inner handle
  • Profile cylinder lock
Inside Latch
Inside Night & Day Latch
Left hand image shows latch Positively Locked Day
Right hand Image shows Slam Latch Action Night
Outside Latch
Outside Night & Day Slam Action Latch
Left hand image shows Slam Latch Action Day
Right hand Image shows latch Positively Locked Night

Left Hand Latch

Hinge is on the Left Hand Side of the door

Product Code Description
3.31.2700.2 Door Thickness: 80mm
3.31.2702.2 Door Thickness: 90mm
3.31.2704.2 Door Thickness: 100mm
3.31.2706.2 Door Thickness: 120mm
3.31.2707.2 Door Thickness: 125mm
3.31.2708.2 Door Thickness: 140mm

Right Hand Latch

Hinge is on the Right Hand Side of the door

Product Code Description
3.31.2700.1 Door Thickness: 80mm
3.31.2702.1 Door Thickness: 90mm
3.31.2704.1 Door Thickness: 100mm
3.31.2706.1 Door Thickness: 120mm
3.31.2707.1 Door Thickness: 125mm
3.31.2708.1 Door Thickness: 140mm


  • Material: Black Polyamide
Night & Day Latch :: Strike
Product Code Description
3.31.0766.0 11mm
3.31.0768.0 18mm

Distance Plate

  • Material: Green Plastic
Distance Plate
Night & Day Latch :: Distance Plate
Product Code Description
3.31.2795.0 5mm
3.31.2796.0 10mm
3.31.2797.0 15mm

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