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Plate Dispenser :: Heated :: Adjustable

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General Specification:

Incounter heated plate dispenser. Three adjustable guide rods mounted through circular flange with 'flat' guide tops. Capacity of approximately 55-60 plates. Multi-spring mechanism to give easy adjustment for different plate weights. Finished in stainless steel. Heating element of 400W, located in base, controlled by fixed 70°C thermostat. Fitted with rocker switch and neon protected from ingress of moisture by a neoprene cap. Supplied with cable and plug. Operates from 230V - 50HZ - 1PH electric supply.

Technical Specifications
Product Code TH245
Description 150-220mm (6-8½") Plate Dispenser
Plate Diameter (mm) 150-220mm
Plate Diameter (inches)(approx.) 6-8½"
Cut-out Diameter 306mm
Flange Diameter 317mm
Depth Below Counter 670mm
Technical Specifications
Product Code TH280
Description 180-260mm (7-10") Plate Dispenser
Plate Diameter (mm) 180-260mm
Plate Diameter (inches)(approx.) 7-10"
Cut-out Diameter 342mm
Flange Diameter 359mm
Depth Below Counter 670mm
Technical Specifications
Product Code TH310
Description 210-290mm (8-11") Plate Dispenser
Plate Diameter (mm) 210-290mm
Plate Diameter (inches)(approx.) 8-11"
Cut-out Diameter 370mm
Flange Diameter 382mm
Depth Below Counter 670mm

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