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Polypropylene Containers & Covers :: GASTRONORM

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Gastronorm Pans & Accessories
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Model 1/1
Product Code Description
BPP11200 200H
BPP11150 150H
BPP11100 100H
BPP11065 65H
CPP11000 Lid, centre handle
Model 1/2
Product Code Description
BPP12200 200H
BPP12150 150H
BPP12100 100H
BPP12065 65H
CPP12000 1/1 and 1/2 Lid, centre handle
Model 1/3
Product Code Description
BPP13200 200H
BPP13150 150H
BPP13100 100H
BPP13065 65H
CPP13000 1/1 and 1/3 Lid, centre handle
Model 1/4
Product Code Description
BPP14200 200H
BPP14150 150H
BPP14100 100H
BPP14065 65H
CPP14000 1/1 and 1/4 Lid, centre handle
Model 1/6
Product Code Description
BPP16200 200H
BPP16150 150H
BPP16100 100H
BPP16065 65H
CPP16000 1/1 and 1/6 Lid, centre handle
Model 1/9
Product Code Description
BPP19100 100H
BPP19065 65H
CPP19000 1/1 and 1/9 Lid
FFP11000 1/1 Drainer plate
FFP12000 1/2 Drainer plate

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