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Pre-rinse Sprays :: Aquajet Spare Parts

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Pre-rinse Sprays :: Aquajet Spare Parts

Numbers refer to exploded diagram.

No. Product Code Description
01 AJD001 Pre-rinse spray body deck for AJ-PR-10
03 AJD002 Pre-rinse spray body deck for AJ-PR-20
04 AJD003 Pre-rinse spray body deck for AJ-PR-30
05 AJD004 Pre-rinse spray body deck for AJ-PR-40
06 AJRT005 500mm Riser
07 AJRT006 350mm Riser
08 AJRT007 100mm Riser
09 AJSR008 Spring retainer
10 AJOS009 Outer support spring
11 AJHA010* Complete inner and outer hose assembly 38" c/w end fittings
12 AJWP015 Hose assembly washer pack (3 washers)
13 AJOP016 Spout 'O' ring pack (2 x 'O' rings)
14 AJWB017 Wall bracket
15 AJRH018 Riser hook for pre-rinse spray head
16 AJSG019* Complete pre-rinse spray gun assembly rose head
17 AJSG019A Complete pre-rinse spray gun assembly angled rose head
18 AJSG019F Complete pre-rinse spray gun assembly fan blade head
19 AJFP022L Water saving face plate
20 AJGH020* Spray gun handle and washer
21 AJRR021 Rubber ring
22 AJFP022 Faceplate and screw
23 AJGT023 Trigger
24 AJCHC025 Cross head tap: chrome
25 AJTD027 2 Red, 2 blue inserts and 2 screws
26 AJVCH028 1 Valve body (fits hot on lever head body or hot and cold on cross head body)
27 AJVC029 1 valve body (fits cold ONLY) for lever head body
28 AJRS031 6"
AJRGS032 6" Gooseneck
AJRS035 12"
AJRS037 16"
AJRSD038 18" double jointed
29 AJBF040 Bowl filler body
30 AJGRK041 Spray gun valve repair kit
31 AJVBF042 1 Valve body (for bowl filler ONLY)
32 AJ20Y043 AJ-PR-20 Brass yoke and washer
33 AJA044* Hose adapter
34 AJ30AI045 AJ-PR-30 Adjustable inlet and washer
35 AJ40AI045 AJ-PR-40 Adjustable inlet and washer
36 AJSGB046 Spray gun body ONLY
37 AJBC047 Valve bonnet and packing gland
38 AJLT026 Pair (H and C) 63mm chrome lever
Note: Replacement cold valve AJVC029 also required
39 AJBFB048 Bowl filler body ONLY (no valve assembly)

*Note: 1/2" BSP versions available at extra cost. Please add BSP to the model number to indicate your preference


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