0660 Series Energy Saving Condensate Evaporator Trays

SKU 0660000006

• Designed for longer life and energy savings
• Thermostatically controlled, solid state heater provides reliable operation
• Features one-piece pan of corrosion resistant #360 cast aluminium that provides long term performance and requires less frequent cleaning
• Cuts heat loss by directing more heat to the wetted pan areas and less to the pan exterior
• Thermostatically controlled heater lowers wattage automatically to conserve energy when the pan is empty
• Strategic placement of the heating element extends heater life
High Efficiency Energy Saving Evaporator
High efficiency, 225W model achieves up to 90% of the evaporation of a typical
high wattage unit, using 25% less energy
• Material: Die cast #360 series aluminium pan; spring wire legs
• Finish: Natural
• Power Supply and Connection:
See product table below
• Volume: 1479ml (50fl .oz)
• Size: 120 x 317 x 73mm (4 3/4” x 12 1/2” x 2 7/8”)
Optional Wall Mounted Bracket
• Bracket mounts to back of cabinet
• Pan snaps in place