1097 :: Spring Action Door Closer

SKU 1097000004

• High tension closer recommended for doors exceeding 90.7kg (200 lb)
• Spring tension can be set to close door under a wide range of conditions
• Roller rod guide assures smooth operation with either rise or fi xed pin hinges
• Invert for left-hand applications
• CAUTION: For operator safety, Model No. 1097 door closer is intended to be used where high force is necessary to close heavy doors. Mount door closer as low as possible
• Material: Malleable iron with steel rod and tube
• Finish: Kasonized
• Mounting: Guide drilled for 6.0mm (1/4”) screws. Closer drilled for 9.0mm (3/8”) screws. Mount just above lower hinge for best results
• Offset: 22.2mm (7/8”) maximum without shimming