Panel Fastener :: 1156A & B Locking Points

SKU 1156A00002

1156 :: Locking Point

• Typical application for tongue and groove rails where fasteners are nailed or
stapled to rails
• Housing designed to resist spreading in high density foam rails under heavy


1155 :: Strike

• Kason ® unbreakable panel fastener strikes will not let go even under the most severe conditions
• Engineered to be the best for use in rigid rail systems, they specifi cally resist  spreading, which can cause other types of rigid rail strikes to pop open
• The Kason ® No.1155 actually gets stronger the harder it is pulled
• Flange-mounted enclosed strikes eliminate the need to drill a hole for pins
• Large fl anges help spread the load when used on soft materials
• Available in pin-to-fl ange offsets to suit a wide variety of rail thicknesses
• Centerline mark provided for easy positioning